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Maryann was awesome to work with and I am so glad I connected with her when I did. She helped me very quickly and came to my home to assist me in establishing my milk supply and a feeding plan for my daughter. She gave me the confidence to latch her properly and also assisted me with proper pumping techniques. In the end I found that exclusive breastfeeding wasn’t for me, and instead ended up mostly exclusively pumping but she was so supportive and encouraging through and through. -Heidi

Maryann was so helpful after my daughter was born! She was tongue tied and had to have that fixed early on and Maryann supported us through that and helped us make a doable feeding plan! She was always available to answer questions and always made me feel comfortable. - Elizabeth

Maryann was wonderful. She recognized he had a posterior tongue tie, which made it difficult for him to latch properly, and made it very painful for me. Once the tongue tie was resolved, her recommendations for me to increase my milk supply made it possible for me to continue breastfeeding my son. After initially losing almost a pound, he is now 11 weeks old and 13.6 pounds! Thank you Maryann! -Susan

MaryAnn was instrumental in helping my daughter and I get on track with feeding. I met MaryAnn at the Concord Birth Center for a lactation course. The course was thorough and comprehensive. However, after birth, I needed a little more support. My daughter had tongue and lip ties and had to relearn how to latch after her procedure to remove the ties. MaryAnn was encouraging, supportive, and helpful. Not only was MaryAnn willing to meet but continued to support me with phone calls and text messages. Give her a call if you need help! Breastfeeding can be the most special time with you and your child, but also frustrating and scary if it doesn't seem to be "working". MaryAnn can help you ensure it is the special time that it should be. -Courntey

My son was struggling to latch and nurse consistently. After a recommendation from our midwife we called Maryann and she was able to come for a home visit the next day. She was professional, patient, understanding and reassuring. As a first time mother I was looking forward to breastfeeding and struggled when there were some challenges. She assured us it was normal given our circumstances and showed us techniques to ease into an effective routine. She made herself available for all our questions and concerns between visits and was straightforward while comforting. We highly recommend her and will certainly come back with any future lactation needs. Thank you Maryann! -Lucy

Maryann is so wonderful! My midwife recommended her and I’m so glad that she did! My precious little girl has a lip tie and couldn’t open her mouth all of the way which made nursing very painful. Maryann was able to do a home visit (so wonderful since you don’t want to drive all over the place after having a baby) and helped me to get the best latch I could until we could find out what was going on with my daughter’s mouth. She is a fantastic listener and isn’t quick to push the most drastic or invasive approach first. She genuinely cares about you, your baby, and your nursing journey! I was also able to ask for help when I needed it, even if it was the weekend or after 5 and she was so patient and ready to help! Thanks to her my nursing experience is enjoyable and a beautiful bonding moment with my baby! Thank you Maryann for all of your help! You are a true blessing! -Tara

Maryann is a wonderful support for women breastfeeding. She was able to make a house visit in just a few short days of making contact with her. And gave me as much support as I needed on the phone before and after. She spent a lot of time with me to ease my fears and help me feel more confident in my abilities. She had a lot of wonderful suggestions and was great with following up and checking in on me. I recommend her! -Josephine

Many people assume that you 'just know' what your baby needs and how to do it, that goes for breastfeeding as well. So when my son was having difficulty latching without a nipple shield and he and I were both frustrated by nursing, I thought I was doing something wrong. Maryann came highly recommended by a number of people, so I decided to reach out for help. She was able to come to our home in just a few days after that first contact. She was able to assess what we were doing and make suggestions for improvements in such a way as to not make me feel foolish for having difficulty (an experience I had in the hospital). She then checked up on us regularly to see how things were going. I reached out to her when I ended up in the hospital and then had surgery to make sure I knew if /how the medications I was given would affect my milk and my son. Since working with Maryann, I have recommended her to a number of my new mom friends. Being a new mom is hard enough and breastfeeding doesn't need to add to the stress, Maryann was able to take that stress off my plate! -Jessi

After struggling to nurse my third child, I met with Maryann and she was able to not only offer helpful nursing tips, but also because I was pumping, assisted with correcting the size of pump parts and answer any questions I had about the pump. She designed an individual “plan” for me and my baby. She was incredibly thorough and organized and I greatly appreciate that because we all know how stressful (and often challenging) nursing a newborn can be no matter how many babies do you have fed! -Brandi

"Maryann did a wonderful job helping me and my 2 week old establish a great breastfeeding connection.  First, I needed help right away and it was close to the holidays, but Maryann did not hesitate to see us.  She traveled to our house on the weekend.  Maryann was professional, prepared and caring.  She was able to assess and confirm my daughters lip and tongue tie and provide with an outstanding reference to a pediatric dentist.  She took her time with us and helped us get to a point where I was able to get my girl latched and not be in pain.  We truly appreciated the time she spent with us in person, but it did not end there.  After our visit she checked in on us several times with email and phone calls to ensure we were ok and thriving.  My daughter gained 1 pound in a week and continues to trend upward and I am not feeling anymore pain."


"Maryann was a pleasure to work with. My third baby had oral revisions done and she was an amazing part of my baby’s recovery. Maryann is knowledgeable, kind, professional but also very motherly. I highly recommend her affordable services to anyone looking for an IBCLC. I can’t thank her enough for saving our breastfeeding relationship."


MaryAnn was referred to me by our hospital when I struggled with pain while breastfeeding my newborn. She was very knowledgeable and provided helpful information over the phone with healing tips for myself, and pace feeding and re-latching tips for baby. MaryAnn continued to check in and follow up to our progress. I appreciated her services and would highly recommend MaryAnn to anyone struggling with breastfeeding! -Caitlin

“Unfortunately breastfeeding did not work out for me and my son. Nonetheless, Maryann was dedicated to helping us find a happy feeding plan that included relief from reflux that was making feeding miserable for my son (and me!).  She helped me advocate with his pediatrician for treatment, recommended different formulas, feeding positions and strategies, and continued to check in on my son’s progress over several weeks. Maryann was incredibly helpful, kind, supportive, and compassionate. She was not only interested in helping with breastfeeding/feeding, but also showed great concern for my health and emotional wellbeing and helped me connect with more support. I highly recommend Maryann’s services!" -Emily

After weeks of struggling with latch issues, pain with breastfeeding, using nipple shields and extremely lengthy feed times, we reached out to Maryann. During our meeting Maryann quickly identified that our daughter was born with both a lip and tongue tie. She was able to refer us to further care to get the ties treated and helped us make a plan for while we waited for surgery for our daughter to help with the pain and latching so our daughter could feed more easily and keep putting on enough weight. After the surgery Maryann checked in on us multiple times and offered great advice. She was always so compassionate to the situation and guided us to achieving our breastfeeding goals. We couldn’t have had a better experience working with Maryann. Thanks to her breastfeeding is a lot more enjoyable, and we recommend reaching out to her with any breastfeeding concerns. -Tessa

Maryann was instrumental in the success of our breastfeeding journey. She’s extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and patient. I highly recommend her for anyone struggling with breastfeeding. We are 5 months in and she’s still in contact with us, available to answer questions. I am so thankful we met her!-Dani

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